A Closet to Live In

With the new year still fresh I'm seeing lots of people talking about following through with their resolutions and the top one is to get more organized. For most women I think their biggest project to tackle is the closet! From ELFA systems to space saving hangers, storage bins, and shoe organizers, the ways to make your closet a fashion haven are endless.

I've always had the dream of a closet you could sit and relax in. One with a small couch or settee and a table where I could sit and stare at my beautiful clothes or have a fashion show with friends. Kind of like a mix between Carrie's closet and Mariah Carey's (I know you all remember her house on Cribs!). I guess that's why I'm obsessed with all the closets I'm seeing out there now. I just love to look at the collection of clothes, shoes, and accessories a woman can acquire. It tells the story of her life.

Right now my modest apartment closet is no where near my dream but I already have the space saving hangers and I can dream about having one like these one day...

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