Milly Collection

This morning I have been wrapped up in the 2011 Spring collection of Milly by Michelle Smith. I had never heard of her until a few hours ago and since then I have fallen in love with her line. Isn't the internet wonderful in that way? One innocent click leads you to something amazing.

Her timeless silhouettes are feminine and sexy and use unique patterns and bright colors. Milly's Spring collection favors coral reds and kelly greens, with pops of yellow and purple, and is anchored by the ever classic black and white. Her collection is a nice blend of eccentric Peggy Guggenheim and classic Jackie O.

Really, I am instantly a fan of anyone who finds a way to incorporate the nautical look and printed dresses into their clothing. Watch the Milly runway show here and then fantasize filling a shopping cart with all her clothes here.

These were some of my favorite pieces.

Hope this perked your Monday up. Enjoy everyone!

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