Wedding Bliss

For all of you that are Anthro lovers or wedding obssesed, like your dear author here, you are in for some good news today! Last year Anthropologie announced that they were launching a wedding line that's set to debut this Spring. With the reveal day just a month or two away you need to get some info to get you excited.

The name of the wedding company will be called BHLDN. The name is pronounced like the word Beholden. BHLDN is just the phonetic spelling of the word. I'm not sure if it's as eccletic and romantic as I dreamed it would be but I do think it has staying power and it definitely original, just like this company will be.

They plan to launch the store online only first with its first brick-and-mortar store to open in August. They'll be launching a range of dresses in both price and style and staying very true to who the Anthro customer is: someone unique, feminine, and confident.

I thought I remembered reading that a more public release would be happening February 2011 (I can't find that article anymore so that is my own opinion) but Anthro will be keeping their customers in the loop on all of BHLDN's happenings and develoments so keep an eye and ear open for what's to come!

I love these inspiration boards put together by the darling Kathryn Snippet and Ink and I think (and hope) that themes like this will be embraced by BHLDN. Can't you see them coming to life in their store?

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