Golden Globes

Award season is upon us and in a few minutes the red carpet will start and, shortly after, the Globes begins! I have to say I'm equally excited about both programs. Nothing beats seeing the beautiful celebrities, gowns, and dazzling smiles as well as the anticipation of whose name is inside the envelope.

Print your ballot here and check out my picks for the top categories!

Best Animated Film winner: Toy Story 3. I mean it's a no brainer that a Pixar film will take the Globe. Plus who doesn't love the Toy Story franchise? The third installment was such a touching movie and if it doesn't win I'll cry as hard as I did when I watched the film originally.
Best Comedy or Musical Film winner: The Kids Are All Right. I mean look at the other 4 posters and you'll see why this is the clear winner of this category.

Best Drama Film winner: This is a tough category to pick. My heart says Black Swan because I love Natalie and I loved the film but I think the Hollywood Foreign Press will pick The King's Speech. I always have this moment of dilemma when I fill out my ballot. Do I pick the movie I like or the one everyone is predicting to win? Usually the competitive streak in me about award season makes me pick the winner.

So get your ballots ready, your red carpet gear on, and get ready to be wowed! Who do you want to see win?

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