Friday Flick Picks

We're getting close to fun weekend time and I couldn't be more excited. I actually have the whole weekend off so that means errand running, catching up on some scrapbooking, reading my stack of magazines including Nest, Lula, and Ready Made, watching the SAG awards on Sunday, and of course watching some movies with my honey!

Here's what I've been watching since my last post Friday.
January 21st- January 28th

My favorite of the week has to be Spike Lee's 25th Hour. The entire cast is amazing, even Rosario Dawson doesn't get on my nerves, and it being set in the shadow of 9/11 sets this dark sad tone over the whole plot that is brilliant. It's a good sign you're watching a great movie when you're crying because the "bad guy" is going to jail for the right reasons. Check out this 2002 flick and you won't be disappointed.

Have a good weekend everyone. See you Monday!

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