Darling Audrey...

The world's sweetheart, and my personal hero, Audrey Hepburn, just got sweeter. Her life has been turned into a children's book! It is the most darling written and illustrated thing I have ever seen.

Entitled "Just Being Audrey," it tells her story from ballet shoes to UNICEF ambassador. Not only does it educate the reader on Audrey's influence on fashion, film, and humanitarianism, but also of the greater message of her life: never be afraid of who you are.

This story was put together by two super talented women. It was written by Margaret Cardillo and illustrated by Julia Denos. Both have been touched and influenced by Audrey in different ways and you can see the love they have for her come through in their work. And if you've fallen in love with Julia's illustrations like I have then you need to check out her blog and website for more.
These ladies have truly captured the essence of Audrey and I am so glad to have gotten a sneak peek at the book. It's official release date is January 25th but Anthropologie is selling this book and we got some copies earlier this week. So mark your calendars and get this book!

"I never think of myself as an icon...I just do my thing." -Audrey Hepburn


  1. Hi Sarah, just popped over after reading The NeoTraditionalist and have spent a while reading through your blog. Thought you might like to know that I think it's lovely :)

    And this book - eee! Very exciting news indeed - it looks stunning!


  2. What a cute book!! So happy to be introduced to it and your blog. I especially love that quote :)

    xo Kelly