Fresh Fabric

Do you guys know about Heather Bailey? If you don't, she is this super creative Jane of all trades and crafter extraordinaire. She designs fabrics, paper supplies, stationary, and picnic-ware. And not only does she create and design all these supplies, she comes up with amazing sewing tutorials to use her projects as well. Her shop recently sent out a newsletter introducing her newest line of fabrics: Garden District. What I love most about Heather's products is the color! They're somehow vibrant and soft at the same time. She taps into the ultimate "girl" colors and patterns of florals in bubblegum pinks, fuchsias, and raspberries, really well. If I had my way, it would pastels everywhere. But for something less frou frou she has an equal variety of cool blues, greens, browns and reds in stripes, dots, and geometric shapes, too.

Check out her blog and shop and you'll instantly want to make a quilt, reupholster a chair, or make one of her famous pincushions!

Heather's newest fabric: St. Charles Bouquet. Tell me you wouldn't kill to have a chair like this in your house.

Swatches from Garden District, Nicey Jane, and Fresh Cut fabric lines
(all images via Heather Bailey)

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