Top 10 Christmas Albums

My mother has enforced a strict no listening to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving rule in our household. Usually I'm a good daughter and abide by her rules but this year I just couldn't wait. One of our local radio stations started playing 24/7 Christmas music two weeks before Thanksgiving and I couldn't help but listen in from time to time. So now that it's acceptable to listen to the holiday tunes without shame I'm breaking out my Christmas CD collection and listening to them all the time. So to give you a break from hearing Brenda Lee's Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree for the 100th time here's a peek at my top 10 favorite Christmas albums for something different.

#10 I had this album as a tape when I was a little kid and wore. it. out! Listening to their high pitched little voices makes me think about Christmas as a little kid

#9 A Charlie Brown Christmas is probably one of my favorite holiday special, and when I hear Christmas Time is Here I can't help thinking of snowflakes falling. 

#8 I'm totally in love Kristin Chenoweth's voice. She's got a lot of non-traditional Christmas songs on this album which is a nice change

#7 Michael Buble, his voice is was made to sing  Christmas carols. 

#6 I love the jazzy feel of HCJ's Christmas album. My mom would listen to this CD constantly when she first bought it. Listening to it makes me think of her and how she always makes our Christmases special
Okay so there's half to get you in the Christmas mood. Check back in next week and I reveal the rest! 


  1. great picks. you have good taste in christmas music. i love each. charlie brown & the chipmunks bring back many fond memories of my childhood. (:

  2. haha I LOVE christmas music! I love bubles' too! I want to get taylor swift's too!

  3. love Michael Buble & Kristin Chenoweth. they are some of my favorites! new follower :)

  4. WHAT!?!? Taylor Swift has a Christmas album too!? I need to get that one too Alexis!