Happy Pins

(clockwise) 1. Please excuse me while I geek out for a minute about my first pin. This is a promotional poster for a TV mini series on AandE called Bag of Bones. It's based on my favorite Stephen King book and it airs in December. Bag of Bones is my summer pool side reading staple; I love it. I know books are usually better than the movies but I'm just excited to see something I've imagined so many times in my mind come to life on TV. (And it's starring Pierce Brosnan...how can it go wrong?)

2. Fox sweater
3. Warm drinks
4. A super cool site called society6. A network of thousands of artists from all over the world who's art can be turned into prints, tshirts and iPhone cases. I'm totally in love with this entitled "Le Voyage" by Ilaria Lazzaroni

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  1. omigoodness am loving society6! i've been looking for an iphone case but in the hopes of finding something original- this is perfect! thanks!

  2. Isn't Pinterest just the best?