Have a Little Laugh

This week I'm having a case of the blahs. You know what I mean? You're not crazy over the top about anything but you're not completely bummed about anything either...just right in the middle. Perhaps it's because the days are getting shorter or that I haven't spent much time with my busy honey this week. I really think it's because I'm trying to repress my exuberant Christmas spirit until at least the week of Thanksgiving so people don't think I'm crazy for listening to Christmas music on the way to work.

Something that is guarantee to put a smile on my face is this tumblr site: Suri's Burn Book. Simple in presentation but delightfully snarky in its content. Spoken from Suri's point of view her rants target the children of other Hollywood celebrities, their parents, and even takes jabs at her own mother and father(always referred to as Tom and Katie) for the ridiculous things they do. Her favorite celeb child to tear apart is Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. Forever the tomboy to her girlie princess; Suri can't believe the outfits she wears or her lack of manners or decorum. And don't even get her started on her hatred of crocs!

If you're looking for a laugh on this Thursday spend 10 minutes on Suri's Burn Book, you won't be disappointed.
Her bag is made of newspaper and her shoes are camouflage SLIP-ONS. No one ever listens to me.

Grier Henchy (the little one with the surly disposition) and I were born on the exact same day at the exact same hospital. Now, five and a half years later, I’m me and she’s an angry ginger at a Smurfs premiere.
I’ve yet to make my red carpet debut, but I can guarantee you that when I do, I will not be wearing PANTS and FLATS.

Excuse me for not wanting to be seen with my mother’s pants.
I sat next to this for seven hours last night on a red-eye from LA to New York. She smells like Lycra and desperation.

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