Friday Flick Picks

I can't seem to squeeze more than one movie into my week lately. Right now there hasn't been an overwhelming amount of movies I want to see anyways, but with Oscar season getting ready to swing into high gear I'll need to find more time soon! I finally saw The Ides of March this past Saturday. Compared to Crazy, Stupid Love and Drive, I thought this one would be the best out of the three Ryan Gosling movies I've seen lately. Sad to say I was left underwhelmed. Ryan (yes, we're on a first name basis) is an amazing actor. He really holds my attention on screen and I'm always wondering what's going on in his character's mind during their scenes. It's just the story just didn't wow me. There seemed to be more drama and twists happening in the trailer than in the movie itself and that was a let down. It has a great cast, and everyone is amazing in it, just a little unbelievable in its ending.

Before I sign off for the weekend I wanted to have a sappy moment with you guys. I really appreciate every single one you. To all you daily and weekly readers, and to all my followers; you really make my day when I see you stop by. I love sharing my life with you guys. Have an amazing weekend everyone. We'll talk soon! xo

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