Friday Flick Picks

So can you guess what movie I saw last weekend??? If you can't tell from the images I saw Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas. What I'm sure you can tell is whose performance I liked the best from this movie. This is totally one of those you know it's going to be totally stupid and silly, but you're going to laugh and enjoy it anyways kind of movies. But I mean we all know the real reason went to see this movie: Neil Patrick Harris. Give me a singing, dancing, funny line delivering NPH any day of the week and I'm there. I could go on and on about his spot in the movie, but I don't want to ruin it for you or seem overly obsessed. Too late? But if you're in the mood for a totally ridiculous Christmas movie with stoner hi-jinx then this is the movie for you.

P.S. To be fair I also watched Lost in Translation this week too; and I have to say that movie is growing on me. I'm not a Sophia Coppola fan whatsoever but that movie sticks with me. I just watched it on Sunday, and I have a strange desire to watch it again.

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