Bright and Windy

top:Anthropologie, belt and skirt:Forever21, boots:Urban Outfitters
So it's Monday, and I'm dragging just a little... but a large cup of coffee, and knowing How I Met Your Mother will be on at 8 tonight are the biggest things helping me through this day right now. I hope everyone had an good weekend. I had the best Saturday afternoon with one of my besties. We drove up to Cincinnati in the morning and spent the whole day shopping in their Kenwood area. Their mall has an Anthropologie and it made me a little sad not be caught up in the holiday hoopla happening in their stores this time of year. But lots of shopping, eating, giggling, and drinking sparkling apple cider right from the bottle on our car ride home really made my weekend.

This particular outfit was from Friday though. Despite the strong winds it was particularly sunny and warm that day and it called for this flowy bright skirt. And I forget how comfy these boots so I'm trying to find a way to wear them more. They seem a little too "tough" for work. But I think with a more feminine outfit it seems to work.

So sip slowly on that hot beverage and we'll make it through the day my lovelies!

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