Friday Flick Picks

I hope everyone reading this blog post are at home, happily surrounded by friends or family, with leftovers in your fridge, and thoughts of Christmas on your mind. I was totally on my game this week as far as movies go this week too! And not just old movies either; I got out to the theatre once and conveniently ordered one on OnDemand.

Let me talk a little bit about the new movies I saw: Melancholia and Martha Marcy May Marlene. Both were let downs for me. Perhaps I'm asking too much out of artsy films but this movie viewer needs a little meat to her stories! For me, you can't just throw me into the middle of the plot and not provide any explanation of how the characters got there, where they're going, or why they are the way they are. It feels too unfulfilling for me. I feel so detached from the characters and the story I just spent 2 hours involved in. Both of these movies gave me that feeling this week. A little mystery goes a long way in my book, like Up in the Air. They movie does a great job of setting up George Clooney's character, and in the end the viewer gets to make the decision of where his character is going in the last scene. Even though I didn't like Martha Marcy May Marlene as much as I wanted to, I still say you should give it a watch. Elizabeth Olsen is really amazing, and John Hawkes KILLS it! That man needs an award soon. You may not feel any warm fuzzy feeling afterwards, but if this movie starts collecting awards next year you'll be happy to know the actors at least earned them.

And I know I didn't touch on Moonstruck at all, but do I really need to? Cher and Nicholas Cage? It's a masterpiece!

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