Friday Flick Picks

Sigh, my multiple movie streak could only last for a little bit I guess.

I gave Gangs of New York a second viewing this past Monday. For some reason I always think this movie is The Departed. Every time I see it coming on TV or on Netflix instant I think, "ooo The Departed is on!" And then my heart sinks when I realize that it's really Gangs of NY. Even though I can clearly read the title of the movie. And, when this movie was queuing up I thought Departed! My brain works in crazy ways sometimes. To put it simply my review of this movie is: it's no Departed. But in seriousness I remembered liking this movie a lot more in the theater 3 years ago and after a second viewing I wasn't feeling it. If you're just in the mood for a Scorsese/DiCaprio combo might I suggest something better? Such as The Departed or Shutter Island; you'll be much happier.

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