I'm in love with...

image: minthome 
...a piece of furniture. It's true. One look, and I knew that this mid century dress in mint green was destined to be my soul mate. An expensive price tag and shipping costs might keep us apart, but if it's meant to be we will find a way to be together. Right next to my bed; as the perfect nightstand/extra storage facility.

Falling in love with this dresser has re energized me to get my decorating butt in gear, and get to work on decorating my house again. Remember when I was only thinking in mood boards? Remember the dresser I planned to refurbish? Gracious where does the time go? I'm going to blame daylight savings time, and I the fact I've been watching too many old episodes of Secrets from a Stylist, and feeling intimidated by Emily's awesome skills.

So dresser, love of my life, thank you for getting me inspired.

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  1. I am loving mint, too. In fact, a mint nightstand is what is on my list, as well. I am going to check out more of your blog!