Knee Sock Love

shirt: Urban Outfitter, scarf: American Eagle, belt: Lacoste, skirt H&M, socks: Payless, boots: Old Navy

If I had to pick a trend that I loved the most right now, I would have to say knee socks. I realize for the past two or three seasons girls have been rocking the socks peaking out of boots and over the knees. I can't get enough of them! Ever since I was a little girl and my mother would put me in those thick white wool ones for church (that always found their way bunched up around my ankles) I have been dying for them to come back in style. And wouldn't you know the first pair I bought were a pair of cream cable ones! I guess some things never change. For this weekend our weather was mildly warm and sunny so I could get away with just my knee socks to help keep me warm. That's the thing about Kentucky weather one minute sunny and warm the next rain and cold.

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