At Home for Christmas

I love my sparkly red deer with his sweet little face and Christmas bell

You'll never find a Christmas tree with white lights in my house, colored lights are a must in my opinion

I love growing my collection of vintage oranaments every year

Don't even try to test my memorization of "Twas the Night Before Christmas." I have almost 30 copies in my collection. Some are the traditional version, others with a funny twist; like my Zombie Night Before Christmas I got last year.

Mine and Aaron's stocking, surprisngly, from Pottery Barn Kids. I love the mix of the gingham and velvet

This year I added the paper chain garland around the tree and really like how it turned out. Every year I think I'll do a sophisticated and styled "theme" tree, but the thought of not putting my Hallmark or handmade ornaments on the tree is like not seeing old friends for the holidays.

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