Shellac Nails

I have to tell you guys about the most amazing manicure that is happening on my nails right now. Over Thanksgiving I got to catch up with one of my dearest friends; and after we got all the giggling and catching up out of our system I started raving about how amazing her nails looked. They were super shiny and not a chip in sight. A shellac nail manicure was her secret!

Seriously this process is amazing. The top most picture was taken the day I got them done and the lower picture was taken today, 7 days after the first. Now I realize most regular manicures will last you a good week, but in my case it doesn't. I must be too rough on them. But I also know if I get one little chip or scratch one one, there's no hope in the rest of them lasting. With shellac nails I've done everything I normally do with my hands and I there's not a scratch or chip in sight. And I should be able to get another week out of this manicure too! Hello miracle!

Do you need this miracle in your life too? Go to CND's website and use their locate link to find a salon in your city. If a small city like Lexington can have at least 8 salons in my zip code, I know your city should have at least one too. CND is the only company supplying colors for the shellac nail process (but I hear OPI is coming out with a line too) so you can check out their selection of colors here. I'm wearing Dark Ruby. This process is much healthier, cheaper, and quicker than a gel manicure. And in my opinion they have better color selection for shellac nails. For the holidays with baking, wrapping, and parties in your future you can't beat the low upkeep.

Melissa Q, thank you for intruding me to my new favorite thing!

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  1. OPI has the Axxium line, and they also have a new one cured by LED instead of UV, but it was just released a couple of weeks ago. I have gotten Axxium manicures for about 1 year and I love, love, love them. I never got manicures regularly before, but the Axxium (and Shellac) lasts me at least 2 weeks each time. Next appointment is set for Saturday!

  2. That is so cool! I can't wait to keep up with this process regularly. Yay for pretty nails! :)