Friday Flick Picks

This has been a good movie watching week for me! And honestly, I think I may be underselling myself because I think I managed to squeeze in a fifth movie somewhere too but I can't remember! Oh wait it just came to me!

So take that weeks with only one movie; I am on fire! Again, lots of variety this week and mostly giving our Netflix's account a workout with 3 out of the 5 coming from our queue. My pick this week is The Devil's Double. Dominic Cooper needs some serious Oscar buzz for his performances in this movie. The movie plot didn't blow me away, but he really made the movie watchable. Usually an actor playing two different roles in a movie comes off as laughable and too obvious but he really made it seem like two different people in a very subtle way.

The rest of the movies this week were either just okay or a total pass (National Lampoon excluded). With SAG and Globe nominations out, and Oscars just around the corner I feel a stream of "obligated" movie watching in my future to be fully prepared for my ballots.

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