The Curve of Forgotten Things

Even though I didn't fall in love with the movie Somewhere, I did fall in love with its star Elle Fanning. She has this relaxed, innocent, calm way about her acting that has me fascinated. Not to mention she's gorgeous with an amazing fashion sense at not even age 13.

Elle stars in Todd Cole and Rodarte's collaboration film, The Curve of Forgotten Things, which highlights their Spring collection. Watch her dance and spin through a historic Los Angeles home where her outfits magically change from one room to another. Each is more beautiful than the next. Tpdd Cole's photography is gorgeous; the film is shot with a dusty, soft focus.  You MUST check out the exclusive film premiere on Nowness' website HERE.  Check out my favorite stills if you're not convinced.

Love the look of these shoes and ankle socks

This high waisted green skirt is amazing
This picture does not do this dress justice; it is beautiful

LOVE these gold shoes too!

A little peek into the magic of how a room can change your outfit...

Simply beautiful

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