How To: Valentine's Day Brooch

With the national holiday of love right around the corner I thought I'd come up with a fun and easy craft if you want to get into the spirit but don't want to wear red and pink from head to toe. One of my favorite accessories is a brooch so finding the inspiration for this project was easy and making it is too! Check it out:

Materials: red and white felt, bakers twine, scissors, pen, hot glue, pin back, cross stitch needle (or any needle with a large enough eye to thread your bakers twine), and a circle template (I used a template I use for scrapbooking but anything will do like a glass or soup can)

Determine how big you want your brooch to be. The size of the white circle will be the base. Trace it on the felt and cut it out.

Next is to make the heart. If you have template like mine lay the circle over the red felt to act as a guide so you know how small to draw your heart so it fits inside the white circle. If don't have something like this just cut out another red circle the same size as your white one and cut out a heart smaller than that.

To add the stitching details: thread your needle with the bakers twine and make a knot at the end.

Choose the back side of your white circle and start with the knot there.

Make small stitches along the outer edge of the circle stopping when you are halfway around the circle. Make sure the last stitch is with the thread on the front side and cut the twine. You want to leave a 2 inch tail so you can make a bow at the bottom.

Repeat the above 3 steps for the opposite side. When you cut the tail the second time, tie a bow with the two loose ends.

Finish it up. Warm up your hot glue gun and glue the red heart to the white circle and hot glue your pin back to the back side of the white circle.

Add to your outfit on Monday and voila you have instant Valentine's Day spirit!

Happy Valentine's Day my little yellow apples I heart you!!!

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