Character Cuteness

I have a weakness for cute characters. Give something a round face, two over sized black eyes, and a little "u" shaped smile to them and I am falling all over myself. Humanize them some way with, say, an outfit or driving a car, and your eardrums will be ringing from my squealing! And don't even get me started on random objects like fruit or food that have little faces on them...

Today I have found the cutest little characters illustrated by Slyvia Portella and they have brought me to my knees! I mean look at these little guys:

A croissant with a hat?! It's just too much!

Slyvia is quite the talented lady. Living in Berlin, and speaking 5 languages (the above alphabet is in French), she had been working as a graphic designer since 2001 until recently when she decided she was going to follow her true passion and become an illustrator. I love stories like this. Don't we all have things we have to endure before we can get to that perfect place we want to be? Slyvia you are motivating and inspiring me today!

You can squeal more over her work on her blogs; she has two: this one and this one, flickr profile, and her etsy shop. Which I am sad to say is empty right now because I would definitely have something of hers in my cart.

Enjoy everyone and I'll be back soon with Flick Picks!

(images: Sylvia Portella)

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