Locket Love

I have a special place in my heart for lockets. They are my favorite type of necklace to wear and the more vintage the better. It probably stems from my childhood and my obsession with the musical Annie - I wanted a locket just like hers. I think I still have my first heart shaped locket that was bought for me to quiet my desires. I'll have to remember to find that at my parents' house the next visit home.

I used to think that I shouldn't own 20 lockets, like I want to, but have some variety in my necklace wardrobe.  But seeing this necklace on BHLDN's new website I am thinking my thoughts are all wrong and I need to stock up!

So this photo is the inspiration of my post today! I wanted to share my little collection of lockets and some ones that I'm lusting over on etsy.

L to R: locket cameo brooch and gold locket are vintage finds on etsy and the silver locket is from lillyella's etsy shop

The charm is all in the details...

Much like the BHLDN necklace, I am loving a monogram on the lockets right now

I also love the quirky details in the shape of the lockets and the emblems like the anchor and the bee

So what about you guys?  Do you have a special relationship with some pieces of jewelery?

etsy links top row: Dear Golden vintage, Decadence and Decay, cshadwick
etsy links bottom row: all from freshy fig

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  1. The bee locket is just amazing!

    I love pieces of jewelry that come with a story ~ so the older they are the better the chances of a great story.

    Greetings from a designer across the globe in Melbourne, Australia.
    Cheerio, Virginia