Friday Flick Picks

Hello my little movie watchers. I'm back with my Flick Picks for the week. I'm sorry to all those who stopped by last Friday only to see a cute Valentine's Day tutorial, but sadly I hadn't watched any movies last week and I had the itch to do some craftin' so I shared that instead. This week was also a bit slow in the movie watching department but there just aren't any movies coming out that are getting me excited, but none the less, here's what I saw:

February 12th-February 18th

I re-watched Up in the Air on HBO and watched The Town with the commentary on. I'm definitely saying to watch The Town. I've only seen it once and the other night my boyfriend and I watched it with the commentary on and I'm dying to watch it a third time now that I know some interesting behind the scenes info. Ben Affleck did the commentary solo and I don't know what it is but he was so interesting to listen to. He really put some amazing research and love for his hometown, Boston, into his second directed picture. This movie has a fantastic cast and the acting does not disappoint either. If you haven't seen it, check it out on DVD before the Oscars next Sunday and if you own it and are looking for a different point of view, try it with the commentary on.

Have fun at the movies everyone! Next week I plan to give my pick for any movies I've seen during the week PLUS my picks for the Oscars on Sunday!


  1. i am such a movie nerd.

    our movie situation this weekend is to try and see i am number 4. last weekend we saw just go with it... and the weekend before that was true grit... and the weekend before that was no strings attached. we definitely have a little problem!

    hope you enjoy your weekend :)

  2. Seeing too many movies is never a problem! :) If so I'm addicted!!