Pretty Young Thing

Since it was so nice out yesterday, and I was off from work, that I thought I'd have some outfitting fun and share it with you guys. I took my inspiration for this outfit from last weeks Glee Valentine's Day episode, funny enough from one of Brittany's outfits (only funny if you saw this week's Glee episode where Brittany becomes a trend setter at school). This is the outfit I'm talking about:

And here's my interpretation of it:
The main inspiration here was the suspenders in her outfit. I love them! And I love how this simple accessory instantly pulls her outfit together and makes it something unique. As for the rest of the styling, I swapped her striped tee for a silky Anthro blouse, kept the black mini and colored knee socks, and switched her mid calf boots for the more nerdy look of my black Urban Outfitters oxfords.

I think it turned out pretty well. What do you guys think?


  1. Absolutely adorable!! Love it - and you're right, the suspenders make the outfit :)

  2. And I don't know why it called me "Big Sis" - weird! But this is Amy :) and yes, I'm outing myself as a blogger too :)

  3. great outfit! i think your Oxford's are my fav component of your interpretation! cute :)