Top Movies of 2011

When one year comes to an end my favorite thing is compiling all the movies I saw during the year.

Here are the rules:
* the list can only include movies I saw in theatres
* I can only include movies that come out in 2011 and that I watched between 1/1/11 and 12/31/11
* use as a resource to compile the list of all the movies I saw (this is a flexible rule but I've always used their site to make my list)

This method does leave room for a black hole of movies. Usually victims of the hole are ones that come out late in 2011 and I don't get around to seeing until 2012. Unfortunately, I can't include them in the next year's list either. But this is the way I've always done the list and I'm a creature of habit.

I only saw 21 movies in theatres this year so coming up with the top third of the crop seemed like the best idea. For me, it wasn't the greatest year in cinema. My top two are really the only ones I could see myself watching over and over again. And don't hate on Harold and Kumar sliding into spot #7; any film with NPH automatically gets my vote!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVED Crazy Stupid Love, so good and one you can watch over and over. It helps you see alot of Mr Gosling but I thought the story line was cute and overall a good cast. I'm wanting to see 50/50, it looks interesting.