Lex Local: Shorty's Urban Market

Today is the start of a new series here on little yellow apple entitled Lex Local. A place to highlight and brag about some really awesome places in my hometown of Lexington, Kentucky. Even though Lexington is your typical traditional small city we do have some neat places tucked away in our fair town.

Lex Local Spot: Shorty's Urban Market
Location: 163 W. Short Street
What is it? A grocery, deli, wine store, and street cafe all in one!
What makes Shorty's so cool is it reminds me of all the great little groceries and bodegas in New York City. With it's deli counter, produce, organic products, breads, cheese, and wines on display it feels like Lexington is a fancy cosmopolitan city. (we're fancy y'all!) The set up in this store is really original too. The space that Shorty's inhabits, I believe, was once an old bank. The giant circular vault door and and enclosed area where their refrigerated items are kept is kind of give away. The staff is super friendly and how nice and neat all their displays are I could wander around for hours. From coffee and pastries in the morning to paninis and sandwiches in the afternoon Shorty's has a great menu of yummy treats to offer when your tummy starts rumbling. And in the warmer months Shorty's is the perfect spot to sip a fruit smoothie and people watch from the cafe tables out front.

If you're a Lexingtonian like me, you should check them out!

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