Friday Flick Picks

I bet you guys thought I had stopped seeing movies seeing as I haven't had a Flick Picks post in 2 weeks! In addition to the three movies above, I also re-watched some old and new favorites too: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Moneyball, and Midnight in Paris. And I'm sad to report that the old movies far out shined the ones I've never seen. Well that's not entirely fair; Jackie Brown was pretty entertaining. Tinker Tailor bored me to tears; I paid attention to the entire movie and still don't know what it was about! Jane Eyre didn't do much for me either. Jackie Brown is an excellent crime drama executed in perfect Tarantino style. If you haven't seen it I really suggest you give it a watch you'll be surprised.

I have to say right now in the movie world is my favorite time. We are in the thick of award season. Globes are behind us to set the tone for the trophies, Oscar nominations are out, and SAGs are this weekend. Now is the time to play catch up on all the movies that are getting some buzz and I am so excited that The Artist has come to Lexington and I have plans to see it tonight!

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