Friday Flick Picks

It was really hard to pick just one movie this week so I'm going to suggest three! And keeping in the spirit of ranking movies this week, I'll go in the order of how much I liked them. First up: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. This movie is seriously sticking with me after the first watch. Rooney Mara blew me away in the portrayal of her character, Lisbeth. And despite the racy parts of this movie, she seriously needs to be considered for an Oscar. I was entertained and captivated for over 2 hours. Definitely go see this movie.

Next up: Young Adult. I am not a Charlize Theron fan but she really impressed me with this movie. She plays this character spot on. There are moments in this movie that make you cringe knowing how messed up someone would have to be to act like she does. And for someone like me who still has those teenage moments, seeing myself in some of those moments made me laugh.

Last, but certainly not least, was Win Win. There was such a humanistic way about this movie that I loved. The characters were rich and wonderful; every single actor brought their A game to this film. It was a real life funny movie if that makes any sense. Super touching; I really recommend this one too.

So there you have it, apples. To me, it is a sign of a good movie watching week when I have too many movies to pick from. I have sat through too many crappy movies lately and these three were a breath of fresh air.

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