The 'Key' to Inspiration

I think we're thisclose to finding a place to live! Not only am I looking forward to finally unpacking everything but also decorating it! Visions of where to hang things and how we'll arrange our furniture are keeping me up at night. One of my vision is what to do with this odd little wall between the front door and the garage door. I was inspired by the images of the framed blue keys and the hand painted black frame on the white wall. Ideas of framed skelton keys, key hole plates, hooks, doorknobs, and Alice in Wonderland prints will create one large piece of art on the wall. What do you think? I'm just hoping the vision I see in my head turns out just as well in real life.

links: alice image, key hooks, silver key plate, skelton key, framed keys, painted frame, door knob hookbrass key plate

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