Friday Flick Picks

What a week filled with movies! I feel so wimpy most weeks with just one or two, but this week I meant business! It also helped that I had the weekend off. My pick for the week is hands down Crazy Stupid Love. It was realistic, funny, sad, and charming. Ryan Gosling really gives the standout performance. It doesn't hurt that he's shirtless in a couple of scenes, or that he's styled impeccably, but he's just a solid actor. I don't think there's another young actor out there that is doing good work as consistently as he is. I see this movie getting a lot of buzz come Golden Globe and SAG award season. But if I had to give you a second place suggestion it would be The Lincoln Lawyer. It's your typical lawyer movie, but has good characters and story line to it. I'm working over the weekend, so I'm not sure I'll hit 5 movies again next week, but I'm always up for a challenge. Have a great weekend you guys!

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