Friday Flick Picks

Look at me, I got 4 movies in this week! Some new, some old, it was a good mix this week. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked Friends With Benefits. I figured since No Strings Attached turned out to such a bust, that FWB wouldn't be much better. I think it all came down to which stars had better comedic chops; and Justin and Mila brought it! Wittier dialogue, a little more believable story line, and a MUCH better supporting cast, made it a good rom-com you can watch with your boyfriend that will keep his eye rolling kept to a minimum. Despite my enjoyment for Benefits my pick for the week is going to be Psycho. Hailed as Hitchcock's best film, I had always been skeptical of watching this movie for fear it was too scary. Oh my goodness how wrong I was. Compared to horror movies of today watching Psycho was like watching a B horror movie. It almost campy and laughable, and the ending is a bit out there. I just really loved the 60's costumes, the dark house on the hill, and the infamous soundtrack. Have a great weekend guys!

Side note: Watching this movie also desperately made me want a slice of cheesecake. It reminded me of an episode of the Golden Girls where after watching Psycho they were all too scared to go to sleep, and they end up staying up all night gossiping and eating their signature dessert. Typical Blanche, Rose, and Dorthy!

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