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So it's no secret we're all obsessed with Pinterest by now. It's that one place I can go to everyday that inspries all areas of my life. One person I follow, that just happens to be my friend also, who has me clicking 'repin' all the time is Mary Glassmeyer. Mary and I worked together at Anthropologie and her nickname is Christmas Mary. Which not only describes her love of Christmas 365 days a year but perfectly sums up her personality too: full of good spirit, fun, and sparkle.

So I did a little round up of my favorite pins of hers, and asked a few questions about her love of pinterest.
What category or board do you pin to the most and why?
That would be a tie between my board "fashion" and my other board "love, love, love." My fashion board has lots of different outfitting ideas. I was once told that I have Jackie O style with a twist (I like to think that twist is glitter!) I pin to my fashion board anything to give me inspiration for my wardrobe. My board "love, love, love" holds all pins that I look at and in the words of the great Rachel Zoe, say to myself, "I DIE!" These two boards give me realistic inspiration for me every day, and make my heart jump a little!
Why do you love Pinterest?
Why do I love Pinterest or why am I addicted to it? I believe the answer is the same! It is the most inspiring, uplifting, happiest, and most rewarding app I have ever come across. How great is it that something so small such as a pin of Anna Wintour, a vintage dress, a chocolate peanut butter brownie, vintage Pyrex, and a bunch of peonies can absolutely make my day. Pinterest is my place to be creative and wonder off to a far away land of fashion, food, and interior design!
Where do you find your pins?
I find ALL of my pins from other pinners. That search box is a great tool.

If you like what you see you can follow Mary here. Thanks for letting us have a glimpse into your pins!

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