Change of Plans

So after the second month of slacking on movie picks I've decided to change up the movie posts and they'll go back to my normal sporadic recommendations or disapproval.

I do want to try to come up with some types of recurring post either weekly or monthly but I haven't made the time to really figure out what I'd like them to be about. I thought movies would be an obvious choice because I love going to the movies, but as in most cases the second I decided I wanted to go to more I had no time to go see them.

I will say this about movies right now that there aren't too many amazing looking movies out right now. I think the Fall is a weird time for movies because the summer blockbuster are over and the Oscar worthy movies don't come out until late November/December so it's been a slow, non interesting time for movies these past few weeks, but it's going to get better soon!

Movies I'm hoping I'll see soon: Boondock Saints 2- This movie came out in select cities on the 30th of October and no word on when it will have a wider release. Fingers crossed it does well and it comes to my city. Precious- Wide release Nov. 20th; with Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey producing this movie it's supposed to a heavy Oscar contender and if you like well acted dramatic powerful movies then I highly recommend it. Don't let the fact that Mariah Carey being in it scare you away (we all remember, or don't remember, Glitter). Nine-just watch this and you'll want to see it.

And on the note of Christmas (I've given up on trying to avoid my love for the holiday early this year) besides the Disney 3-D version of A Christmas Carol coming out this Friday, sometime in December a movie about the Nutcracker will be coming out too so yay to that!

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