Trick or Treat

Last night was round 1 in the dressing up Halloween extravaganza of my weekend.
Over the past few years I left the "sexy costume" trend behind and started going as actual people. Partly because I'm too classy (and perhaps too old) to be showing off the goods like I did in college and second you can't beat a 10 dollar costume put together from Goodwill or flea markets.
Over the summer I became obsessed with How I Met Your Mother so I decided to pull out a costume people were probably doing 3 years ago and go as Robin Sparkles. Robin Scherbatsky's teen pop star identity. I knew no one would know who I was seeing as her look is pretty late 80's/early 90's generic, so worse come to worse people would think I pulled out my acid wash skirt and jelly bracelets from the back of my closet and called it a last minute costume.

Well one person knew who I was and I'm calling it a successful night!
I also helped work the door for this event so I got to see everyone's Halloween costume fresh off the elevator and these were the costumes I was most impressed with...

That's right, two girls came as the Blue Barracuda team! Decked out with helmets, knee pads, and their names on the back of their tshirts they were ready to beat out the Green Monkeys and answer a history question about Sacajawea.

A group of 5 came as characters from Mario Kart. Mario, Luigi, Toadstool, the Princess and Yoshi were all in attendance complete with home made boxes with suspenders to act as their go-kart.
Two girls came as Judy and Jane Jetson. I can't wait for the future...white and orange hair that looks great with that one outfit we own...and flying cars? It's gonna rock!
I hope everyone has a safe, fun and Happy Halloween! Save some fun sized candy bars for me!

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