Real Talk

I do not keep up with my Twitter account at all because I'm never doing or thinking anything too earth shattering that I feel that everyone needs to know about...I mean that's why I have this blog. haha Besides I usually can't fit my long train of thoughts into 140 characters or less.

*Little Apple Confession* Sometimes I'm slow to pick up on the "hip new trend that the "kids" are using". Say for example DVDs or digital cameras. These are 2 inventions that I was convinced would NEVER catch on; well who has egg on her face now and owns about 100 DVDs and 2 digital cameras???

But maybe now I'll get with it and start using it more to get daily inspiration and motivation from Rev. Run himself! Who else watches Run's House and wishes their phone number was on the daily inspirational/words to live by bathtub text?! Well by following his Tweets you can have a little spiritual inspiration multiple times a day, which is helpful in a time of indecision in my life right now.

Follow him and be better for it. :)

"Don't worry God can pick sense out of a confused prayer... Pray is more from the heart than from the tongue.." --Rev. Run

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