Pre-Flick Picks

Even though I haven't seen any new movies this week (don't worry, it depresses me too), I still want us to keep the Friday movie conversation alive here on LYA! So in movie world we're in this weird transition period. Summer is winding down so there aren't a ton of big movies being released, and we're not into holiday/Oscar season release dates either. So we're left with some Indie movies, smaller budget films, and the occasional sleeper hits that are coming out right now. Here are some trailers that have caught my eye, and I'm crossing my fingers really hard they make it Lexington!

Mike Birbiglia's film Sleepwalk with Me
Josh Radnor's film Liberal Arts (you all know how I love to support the cast of HIMYM)
Todd Louiso's film Hello I Must Be Going. So great to see Melanie Lynskey in a starring role.
Craig Zobel's film Compliance. This movie looks to have the same creepy feel as the movie Catfish.
I hope this gets you guys excited about some up coming movies!

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