Friday Flick Picks

When you a pick a movie to see at the drive in it has to be a movie that is a little ridiculous. Something you don't mind if the quality or sound isn't as awesome as the theatre, or the occasional set of headlights or screaming child running through the parking lot to interrupt your movie. So seeing Expendables 2 seemed like the obvious choice for a night at the Sky-Vue drive in. 

It's your typical uber-cliche action movie, but seeing all the classic action heroes together somehow made it better. Totally laughable and ridiculous in parts, but with great action sequences throughout, i.e., explosions, car chases, guns, bullets flying in all directions, and just your general "kicking assess and taking names" attitude. And I'm a total sucker for any movie with Bruce Willis. 

I'm not trying to recommend everyone run out and see this movie. Only if you're a sucker for an action film, which I usually am, especially the 90's/early 2000 era, would I suggest you should see this movie.  

Have a great weekend guys! 

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