Friday Flick Picks

Yes, I finally made it to the movies! Of course it was to the most talked about, most popular movie of the summer, The Dark Knight Rises, but nevertheless, it's one in the win column.

The Nolan directed Batman series are the only superhero movies I have ever gotten into. I love Christian Bale as Batman and I love watching a Christopher Nolan directed movie; but I had my issues with this movie. Here's what I liked: Tom Hardy. He gives Heath Ledger a run for his money as the best villain in a Batman movie. The mask, his strength, and the voice are all super scary, and he conveys everything through his eyes which is pretty powerful. (He also wears this sick shearling coat in one screen that even I am coveting). I also loved the ending. A great climax with some good twists and teasers that I think left all movie goers satisfied. I'm interested to see if a 4th movie rumor could be true. Bale said that if Nolan directed again than he would be on board. Other highlights from the movie were a great performance by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a couple good cameos (no spoilers here!) and watching the Dark Knight regain his power.

The bummers: Marion Cotillard. Don't get me wrong I love her, but her character seemed unnecessary. I think they could have written the story a little different and found a way to get the point across without her. I wasn't much for the whole Anne Hathaway/Cat Woman angle either, but it didn't bother me as much. The run time was another thing. Two and half hours was a little long for me. Nolan's movies typically have a slower build and some down time, but this movie really seemed to drag in places.

Overall I liked the movie and I would definitely recommend you all to see it. I just loved the first two that I was a little let down by number three. Oh well, it's another movie in the books, and Oscar nominated films are right around the corner!

Have a great weekend guys! xo

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