More Happy

I've recently had a change in my working life. When I moved back to Lexington 15 months ago I started working at an apartment complex. Six months ago I went part time at the apartments so I could work part time at Arhaus Furniture as their visual merchandiser. This past Monday was my first day working full time only at Arhaus. Which also means I have the weekends off. Two glorious days off in a row. And I don't think I've enjoyed a whole weekend off as much as I did these past few days. Sleeping in, having fun, getting errands done, and even accomplishing something off my 30 for 30 list (I'll post on that later this week). It just made me realize that it's nice to have a break from work and all the other obligations Monday through Friday usually requires. Happy is the only feeling I can use to describe my weekend and I look forward to experiencing more in 5 days. 

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