Picture an Outfit: Weeds Style

So while my boyfriend spends countless hours studying for the bar, I have taken to re-watching old episodes of Weeds on Netflix. I have a huge girl crush on Mary Louise Parker and Justin Kirk's character, Andy, cracks me up. The constant "how is she going to get out of this mess" story line always keeps me interested. Old characters, and problems she thought she had once solved, always find a way back into her life. Another aspect I love is how Mary Louise's character, Nancy Botwin, is dressed. A good mix of SoCal style, with a splash of western and hippie thrown in. The above still is from episode 5. This perfectly sums up her carefree dressing. Lace up moccasin boots and black knee socks paired with (what looks to me like) a floral romper. Perfect for running errands around town, shopping, or out selling dime bags to your suburban neighbors.

images (l to r): romper, romper, boots

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  1. This is my favorite show. I loved this outfit too. I kinda dress in Nancy style and particularly like when she wears cutoffs with cowboy boots and knee socks. That's one I do sometimes. Great post!