Friday Flick Picks

I have to laugh at myself some weeks when I see the review of movies I've watched within a week. "She really will watch anything won't she?," is probably what most of you think when you see Flick Picks on Friday. Oh well; I'm a unique snowflake with an eclectic taste in movies I guess.

No Strings Attached, while starring my favorite actress Natalie Portman, is a movie I cannot get behind. I had a lazy Sunday to fill so I didn't mind the two hours that I spent to watch this movie, even though it gave me nothing in return. Mindy Kaling's character was good for a few laughs but besides that I wouldn't recommend it. Fantasia, on the other hand, I would. That is, if you don't mind a two hour Disney movie about music. Sorcerer Mickey, the Nutcracker Suite, and mythological characters take center stage while the Philadelphia Orchestra take you through the feelings and stories music can evoke in a listener. It was great to see this movie again after all these years. The part with the unicorns, pegasuses, and female centaurs is still my favorite!

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