Living Life

I found this quote on my pinterest feed and it made the adventurer in me smile. As most of you know, two months ago, my boyfriend and I packed up our bags and moved back to our Southern roots in Lexington, Kentucky. When we first got here, I kept thinking all of our stuff was still in Indianapolis, that it was only a temporary stay, but with each passing day it feels more like old times being in my hometown.
That is a great feeling to me. I feel like this city is where I should be right now. So with the city down, I feel I can focus on everything else.

The first thing was job. After leaving Anthropologie, I knew it would be hard to find another place in the retail world I loved as much, so I began job hunting in a different field. What I found is working at new luxury apartments as a leasing agent. I'm not sure what it will turn into quite yet: a career in property management, or just another stepping stone in my life. But for now I'm enjoying going to work everyday.

What I'm still working on is trying to find a place for myself, my boyfriend, and our puppy, to call home. We're still crashing at my parents' house and while it's all still smooth sailing here we're just ready to be in our own place. You just feel better with all your stuff around you, you know? I also feel this pull to start up my photography again. It's something I love and something I love doing; I just need to get more confidence in what I'm doing and see where my talents can take me.

So this is where I look to my quote and pull confidence from it. I don't need to be scared or fearful of the future. I know somehow I stumble into the right thing if I just keep looking forward and being curious about it. What do you guys think? What are you curious about?


  1. I love this quote, I have something similar. I went to an art exhibition once, and there was a wall full of ribbons that each had a wish on them. I had to pick one and you're suppose to tie it on your wrist and when the ribbon falls off the wish will come true. Well I never tied it on my wrist but the wish was "I wish to remain curious" and it's something I already live by!

    Thanks for the inspiration xx

  2. i LOVE this and constantly feel the same way about my own move back to Lex. scary, but somehow right. i'm so excited for a new beginning for you guys!