Friday Flick Picks

There was a big change from last week in the amount of movies I saw this week. With my boyfriend out of town taking the bar exam (I'm so proud of him!) for a couple of days, I hung out with some Netflix movies. All but Beginners were movies I had seen before, but re-watching an old movie is like comfort food to me. It feels like an old friend is keeping me company. It was hard not to pick an ol' favorite for my pick this week, but I'm going with Beginners. It wasn't as amazing as I wanted it to be, but there were some really beautiful parts. It also made me really want to get home to my sweet puppy! Melanie Laurent is quickly becoming a favorite actress of mine and she was wonderful in this movie. Give it a try if it's in your area. Corn Fest and Harry Potter are in my weekend future; hope you guys have a great one too!

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