Personal Shopper

My favorite shopping site has to be Outblush. Their staff digs up the best stuff around the Internet, including the best clothes, home stuff, shoes, gadgets, and much much more. Trust me: after a week visiting their site you're going to want everything they post. Recently they started a new feature called the Personal Shopper. Readers can email a request asking for their Internet shopping expertise to help find anything from the perfect little black dress, an orange bathing suit, or in my case the perfect ballet flat with ankle straps.

That's right - your very own submitted a request and the lovely shoppers of Outblush took my search parameters and found what exactly what I was looking for. And not just one or two options, I have 11 to choose from. The tough part will be picking just one! Check it out for the full post!

The whole search started out with these shoes sold on JCrew for little girls and Outblush came up with all of these options. Amazing!

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  1. I like 1, 7, and 8! And thanks for visiting Outblush!