Holly Jolly: Christmas Wreaths

Nothing perks up a regular ol' door during the holidays like a wreath. Something about seeing a colorful ring of evergreens, berries, and bows just makes a home more inviting. I'm a sucker for a good wreath and would have every door covered if I had the space. A few years ago I fell in love with a wreath Starbucks had hanging in their stores and practically stalked the store manager at the end of the season to ask if I could have it. Don't worry - it came home with me!

So here's what I'd put on my front door if I had about 10 of them:

yarn wreaths made by etsy seller knockknocking
left:Pepperberry wreath (a similar version is hanging on my front door) right: rosehip wreath from Terrain
left: image from flickr account Alicia Paulson right: Martha Stewart (which looks super easy to make)
left: Martha Stewart right:bright bazaar
left and right: Martha Stewart

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