Free People for the Holidays

Some of you know that I am an employee of Anthropologie and sometimes get completely obsessed with every product they sell and forgot about how awesome its sister companies are- namely Free People.

I recently shared some of my favorite pages from Anthro's Holiday catalog and today I stumbled upon Free Peep's (what I imagine their store's nickname is) November issue and fell in love for the second time this week!

I have to say that I usually don't go for the flowy romantic look but I am really into all the lace and silk I'm seeing everywhere right now. I mean how convenient would it be to go out in one of these slinky party dresses and then come home and get into bed in practically the same thing? Brilliant! I have to say my favorite look is the 2nd picture. The top part of her dress is really a bralette layered over a slip dress and both are at a really good price considering how much you use you could get out of both items. I smell an online shopping spree!

1 comment:

  1. I'm a fan of the romantic,flowy look with a modern touch to it. No matter how often I try to break away from liking it something pops up that I just seem to drool over. Love Free People and really like the fact that they've started coming out with kid's clothes as well.