The Toys are back; bring a kleenex

Woody, Buzz, Jessie and the rest of Toy Story gang are back, as of 10 days ago. I should have made this post right after viewing the movie, but time got away from me and thus the belated post. But it does not stop me from singing the praises of this movie! You have to get out and see it! Whether, Imax, Disney 3D, regular 2D style in the last row of your local movie house on a Wednesday night so you avoid all the children chattering through the movie, (you can guess which option I went with) it doesn't matter it's too cute to pass up.

But I have to say bring your Kleenex. My girlfriend saw it before I did and said to beware it's really sad. Well off I went ready to see what lay in store for my Pixar friends, thinking "how bad could it be?" and she was right, total tear jerker! I was a complete mess by the time the movie was over. It was so touching and sweet. It was a good thing I was in the last row so no one could see me sniffling through the last 20 minutes.

But I think I know why I got so worked up, and still get worked up when I talk about the movie to anyone else, is that as a kid I really loved my toys, just like Andy. I played with my toys long after I outgrew the average play age. Don't even get me started on Barbie playing and Middle School! I would take turns sleeping with my stuffed animals, making sure they all got equal time with me and I would go to great lengths to keep them clean and organized. Any girl growing up in the early 90's will know all about the American Girl Doll craze and how lifelike they were. I loved mine like she was a real person and played with her all the time. I had a great imagination and I'd create all sorts of adventures and stories to re-enact together. When I watched Toy Story 2 and Jessie tells her sad story of how her Emily forgot about her, it made me want to get out my Molly doll and hug her one more time. So that's why I think I cried, and so many others did too, you realized that all those times when you were sad, or scared, bored or sick as a child, your toy was there for you.

Okay I've got to stop or I'll get myself worked up again! :) Go see it, you'll love it!

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