Surrey with the fringe on top

Friday I was in the heart of my fair city, Indianapolis, just driving home from a trip to the downtown library when what do I see crossing the street, but a 2 seat er surrey bicycle! You know those funny little pedal bikes you can rent on boardwalks and in tourist-y beach towns, there it was just crossing the street like it wasn't anything out of the ordinary.

Though what struck me as odd was not that we are no where near a tourist-y little beach city, I wish!, but is how on earth they got it here and if the cute young couple I saw pedaling it lives downtown where are they keeping it during the off season? I mean can you imagine pedaling that from a cute little neighborhood 30 minutes away just to jet set around Monument Circle? It was so ridiculous but so cheerful to see it go by on a hot summer Friday.
It made me want to shell out 20 bucks, grab a Popsicle and get my honey pedaling!

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